He wants your money, and doesn't mind taxing you to get it.

Much hay is being made about the endorsement of Scott Vanderhoef by the late Senator Morahan's widow.  But the fact is, Vanderhoef chose to run for State Senate precisely because he did not believe in Senator Morahan's vision or capabilities.  Hear him say it in his own words:

Yesterday Scott Vanderhoef released the 2011 Rockland County Budget.  Just as in previous years, Vanderhoef's budget is :
The tax rate would be $1.55 per $1,000 of assessed value — up from 2010's $1.37 rate — an increase of about 13.5 percent. Kopf said the typical homeowner paid about $600 in county taxes in 2010 and would pay about $624 in 2011.
Not only is Vanderhoef raising property taxes 13.5%, he's gambling the county's already tenuous fiscal standing on a :

He also found fault with Vanderhoef’s proposal to create a public benefit corporation to take over and run the county’s nursing home. Vanderhoef said that could save the county $17.8 million in 2011.

But, Carlucci said the operative word here is “could” save.

“This would take state legislature approval, it will take approval from the governor and it would also take the public benefit corporation to come up with the bonding to be able to take on that burden,” he said.

If those hurdles are not met next year, the county would be in the hole for that almost $18 million, Carlucci said.

He termed Vanderhoef’s budget a spending plan of “smoke and mirrors.”

In a document titled "Cash Problems and Possible Solutions 2010 - 2011," Scott Vanderhoef suggested that Rockland County raise property taxes an additional 60 - 85% in 2011 (see page 13 below):

Scott Vanderhoef gave himself a fat $17,000 pay raise after the Rockland County budget was presented to the public and approved by the legislature. (Source: ):

Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef will see a $17,322 raise in 2010 after a 12-5 vote Tuesday by the county Legislature to retroactively increase his pay.

It appeared Monday that Vanderhoef could receive a $5,500 raise, a 4 percent increase to his current $137,765 salary, which has remained unchanged since 2007.

Legislators voted to grant that 4 percent increase, but they also voted to grant Vanderhoef retroactive pay increases of about 2 percent every six months since Jan. 1, 2008.
What's worse, Vanderhoef's outlandish pay raise was not run through proper channels, but was instead snuck into the county budget behind the backs of the taxpaying public.
The motion to increase Vanderhoef’s pay was not brought up in a committee meeting, where deeper discussion could have taken place, but was instead included on the agenda of the last full regular Legislature meeting for 2009.

Since taking office, Vanderhoef raised his pay 61%.

Scott Vanderhoef may say he wants to reform Albany, but he's a master of the time-honored Albany tradition of pay to play politics.

As Rockland County Executive, Scott Vanderhoef awarded lucrative county contracts to companies that gave a combined $150,000 to his election campaigns -- exactly the kind of behavior that landed former Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno in jail and made our legislature a national laughing stock.

What's more, Vanderhoef accepted $119,147 in campaign donations from Rockland County employees.  Thirty two County employees who donated more than $1000 to Vanderhoef's campaign each received a salary increase of $16,000.

Source: NY State Board of Elections; SeeThroughNY.net 

While Scott Vanderhoef has been busy sneaking in pay raises, :

According to the Tax Foundation,